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As it was, Ariza played a few acclimatizing minutes late in the Western Conference finals and was only minor assistance in the NBA Finals.





n. 决赛,总决赛;课程终结考试;期末(或期中)考试;大学毕业考试;主调音;(飞机进入着陆跑道的)最终边,第五边(final 的复数)

网络: 决赛;总决赛;准决赛

专业: 韵母 [语言学];决赛 [体育]

原形 :final

例句:①Germany hosted the World Cup finals.德国主办了世界杯决赛。

②He nailed a victory in the semi-finals.他在半决赛中获胜。

残运会比赛项目 英语


Football 5-a-Side 5人制足球

Every Football match is played between two teams with four blind athletes and one sighted or visually impaired goalkeeper on the field as well as five substitutes. Additionally, each team has a guide behind the opponent's goal to direct the players when they shoot.


Football 7-a-Side 7人制足球

Every Football match is played between two teams with seven players on each side, including the goalkeeper. Each team consists of 12 players with three substitutions allowed during each match. A match cannot continue with fewer than four athletes on the field.


Goalball 盲人门球

A game of Goalball is played by two teams of three players with a maximum of three substitutes on each team. Competition is divided into men's and women's divisions.


Judo 柔道

The sport is open to athletes with blindness/visual impairment in several weight categories.The contest lasts five minutes, for both men and women and the winner is the athlete who scores an ippon or who scores the greater number of points. The sport is governed by the International Blind Sports Federation (IBSF) and follows the International Judo Federation (IJF) rules used at other top-level, able-bodied judo events, with slight modifications for athletes with a visual impairment, which allow them contact with their opponent before the start of the match.


Powerlifting 力举

Athletes with a minimum disability must be at least 14 years of age and must have the ability to fully extend the arms with no more than a 20-degree loss of full extension on either elbow when making an approved lift according to the rules for their bodyweight.


Rowing 皮划艇

Rowing is the youngest sport in the Paralympic Games. It was introduced to the Paralympic Programme in 2005 and will hold its first Paralympic competitions at the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games.


Sailing 帆船

Competition is run under the International Sailing Federations (ISAF) Racing Rules of Sailing, the IFDS Race Management and Classification Manuals. Weather permitting, races consist of nine separate runs. Final placings are determined by the accumulation of points scored in each race.


Shooting 射击

Shooting competitions are divided into two major events: Air Rifle and Pistol competitions at three distance: 10, 25 and 50m. The rules depend on the gun, the distance, the target, the shooting position, the number of shots and the time limit. Competitors accumulate points for the value of their shots.


Swimming 游泳

A FINA standard eight-lane 50m pool is required for competition at the Paralympic Games. Events are conducted as heats for eight competitors per class and with the fastest eight swimmers per class competing in the finals. There are various forms for swimmers to start their race; in the water, a dive start sitting on the starting platform or the typical standing start.




Table Tennis 乒乓球

One match consists of five sets each being played to 11 points. The objective of the game is for the player to cross the ball into the opponent's area, without him or her being able to successfully return it. The game begins with a service and there is a change in service every two points. Athletes are classified into 11 classes. Each game consists of 5, 7 or 9 sets depending on the competition. The winner is the athlete who wins 3, 4 or 5 sets respectively. In case of a tie, the winner is the first to score a two-point difference. For every class of male and female players there are singles, doubles and team matches.


Volleyball Sitting 坐式排球

The goal of the game is for teams to send the ball over the net through the crossing space and to ground it on the court of the opposing team. Each team is allowed to have up to three contacts with the ball, before it returns it towards the opposing team. The block is not considered as a contact.

Each game consists of a maximum of five sets. Each of the first four sets is completed when a team wins 25 points, with a minimum lead of at least two points over the opposing team. A team has a maximum of 12 players, one of which is the team leader and another the libero.



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